So I made a mistake

I woke up on Monday, checked my tweeter feed like I usually do. To my surprised I saw a tweet from my blog saying I have posted. I had no post ready to post, and the post that did post was supposed to come out next week. I thought of quickly going and deleting the post, but then I saw people were liking my incomplete post. So I’ll own up to my mistake. I wrote a rough draft of my most anticipated films with he idea I had time to finish it. I also put the wrong date of when for it to post, so that is how I woke up with that surprise on Monday. I’m going to try to make mistakes like that again, but if they become as popular as the last one maybe I should do it more.


Anticipated Movies of 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Muppets Most Wanted














Here I go again.

So here I go again. New year means the restart of my blog. Hopefully this years run goes better than last years. Which I feel was the worst run of my blog up to date. This whole month I have my best of and worst of list going up. Last year I tried my best to keep record of both the albums I heard and movies I saw all year-long. I will talk about my record keeping later on this month. Well here to a new year, new start.

Year in Review: Worst movies of 2013

A Night at the Movies (film)

A Night at the Movies (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year I have seen the majority worst reviewed movies of the year. I have grown to enjoy watching bad movies for the many reasons. The bad acting, the horrible graphics, and the paper-thin plots that you don’t need to follow to closely.  If you ask me what is a bad movie for me I would say  if I ever get bored, and I  want to stop watching. Each of my top ten movies I wanted to stop watching. Some had really bad acting, other had no plot, and others were so boring I lost interest.

10.After Earth – The story is actually interesting. The flaw to this movie is the acting. Will smith is rarely seen, and when he is on-screen he plays the least charismatic character. Jaden has a weird accents that comes and goes though the movie.

9. Hangover III– This year one tread I noticed was movies that did not have to be made. It’s not a fan service film, it’s not even funny. Unlike the other movies in the hangover series that one whats to be more an action flix, and less a comedy and fell out of touch of the other films

8. 21 & Over-  Teen movies area really hit or miss. This film is full of misses. The biggest problem is that 3 main leads are so unlikable. It’s hard for me to stick with a film when I don’t even the leads.

7.  Oz The Great and Powerful- Another film that did not a have to be made. Its  pretty much a retelling of the story of the  wizard of oz but instead of Dorothy you get the wizard.

6.  The Host- Another movie that were the acting really made the movie boring. it’s a not a long movie, but because of how boring it is it felt twice as long.

5. Escape From Planet Earth – Children deserve a better film that this. Fulled with pop culture references that felt dated and plot that has been told many times before, there is no need to torture your kids to watch this.

4.  Beautiful Creatures-  I became so bored while watching it beautiful creatures I actually stop it. Perhaps the ending is great, I would not know because the first hour was the just torture to watch.

3. A Haunted House– it made me laugh a few times. but the story is so dumb I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

2. Movie 43 – I heard that Movie 43 was so horrible that it would never see the day of light. I can honestly say it so bad it should have not have seen the light of day this movie.  Its one gross out joke after another. it’s almost like each sketch is trying to out do the last sketch.

1. Scary Movie 5 – The reason why I give scary movie 5 the #1 position is because I didn’t laugh once. It tries to hard to be funny in doing so not funny one bit.

Identity Theft

Some times a movie trailer really hooks me and I just really want to see the movie. That happened to me when I saw the trailer to Identity Theft. It seem like a corky comedy with some old fashion slap stick. What I got was very formula, stale comedy, where you see all the plot twist coming a mile away. Staring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Bateman is Sally a mild banker with a growing family. Melissa Plays Diana a con artist that has made a career of stealing people’s credit identity. After Diane stole Sally’s identity and ruin his future plans Sally going out to find the person that stole his identity and write was is wrong.

Like I said the trailer made it seem like the movie was going to a light-hearted corky movie. Instead is was stale comedy that I found it very hard to enjoy. Everytime there was a chance for the cheap laugh they would go for it. I cannot even count how many times made the joke of Batemen’s character having a female name. Sure it did have some parts that I found my self laughing, but I also came out not liking many of the main characters. So in the middle when Diana goes has a change of heart and redeem herself, I no longer cared. Perhaps it was just me , but this movie is a total pass for me. Two stars out of Five.


So I’m Back

Like always I didn’t keep up with my blog like i would like to. /i think this year I only made two post so far. I’m going to try to fix that, and make a better effort to write on my blog. I personally feel a person has two times out of the year to start a new first is New Years of course. The other I feel is after their birthday. Lucky for me i have my birthday at the end of the month so “starting a new” is kinda easy. I’m going to try to improve my self in few ways. First going to lose some weight, second get back to my favorite hobby which is drawing, and finally to write more.

Anticipated movies 2013

2013 is looking like a good year for movies, well at least movies for me. Many movies that I like are getting sequels and they are a few original movies that seem interesting to me. I tried to find trailers to the movies, but of course not every movie has a trailer out just yet.


Iron Man 3, love it or hate it another Iron Man movie is coming. Personally I cant wait

Pacific Rim, Once I saw the trailer I wanted to see this movie

Star Trek Into the Darkness, I was a fan if the J.J. Abrams version, I hope this one keeps the same energy as that one

Monsters university. I love Pixar movies, And monsters inc is one of my favorites movies. I love that this is a prequel.

How to Train Your Dragon 2, I have not heard much about this movie. I just hope it’s as good as the first (No Trailer Available When I Wrote This)

After Earth. another movie I don’t know much. I just like the trailer

Anchorman: The Legend Continues, another movie that i just hope it’s as good as the original

The Great Gatsby. I have not read the book, I don’t know what it’s about, I just love the trailer

Frozen. Disney animated movie, im there  (No Trailer Available When I Wrote This)

Oblivion. another that i just want to se becuase of the trailer

Pain & Gain, all I know is that the rock is in it, good enough for me

A Good Day to Die Hard. I’m a die-hard fan, even though I don’t have much hope for this movie. I still want to see it

Oz: The Great and Powerful. The trailer is winning me over

Lone Ranger. I’m just really curious, I am in a Johnny Deep fatigue , but I still want to want this one.

The Worlds End, I love Edgar Wright films with Simon Pegg in them. I have high hopes for this one.  (No Trailer Available When I Wrote This)

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Love the first.  (No Trailer Available When I Wrote This)

GI joe Retaliation, I’m I the only one that wants to see this movie? hello?