Identity Theft

Some times a movie trailer really hooks me and I just really want to see the movie. That happened to me when I saw the trailer to Identity Theft. It seem like a corky comedy with some old fashion slap stick. What I got was very formula, stale comedy, where you see all the plot twist coming a mile away. Staring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Bateman is Sally a mild banker with a growing family. Melissa Plays Diana a con artist that has made a career of stealing people’s credit identity. After Diane stole Sally’s identity and ruin his future plans Sally going out to find the person that stole his identity and write was is wrong.

Like I said the trailer made it seem like the movie was going to a light-hearted corky movie. Instead is was stale comedy that I found it very hard to enjoy. Everytime there was a chance for the cheap laugh they would go for it. I cannot even count how many times made the joke of Batemen’s character having a female name. Sure it did have some parts that I found my self laughing, but I also came out not liking many of the main characters. So in the middle when Diana goes has a change of heart and redeem herself, I no longer cared. Perhaps it was just me , but this movie is a total pass for me. Two stars out of Five.



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