Year in Review; Top 5 Movies of 2012

English: Actor Matthew McConaughey at the 83rd...

This year I did not see as many films as I normally do. Largely do to job change that took a lot of time away from me. So my list of my personal favorite films of this year is not a top ten. I really tried to make a top ten list, but I honestly did not see enough films to make a top ten without adding movies that I do not like. So here I present to you my top FIVE films of 2012

5) The Secret World of Arrietty,Studio Ghibli has done it again, making an adorable movie with a charming story. While not original an original story. As a kid of the 80’s i remember the show the The Littles, But The Secret world of Arrietty has enough Ghilbi charm to make it fell fresh and delightful.

4) The Avengers. Sure it’s a big action movie, but its a very well made one. Nuff said.

3) The Dark Knight Rises, The trilogy is over, and it was a fitting end of sorts to one of my favorite trilogy of current years. Sure I still feel the The Dark Knight is the better film int he trilogy, but as a book end The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting end leaving me with the ending that I wanted.

2) Magic Mike, When I went to see it I had no idea what Magic Mike was going to be about. possibly that was a good thing. I went in with no prejudge and came out really enjoying the film. To all guys that think Magic Mike is a movie just for girls. I have to say no it is not. It is very entertaining, good story and  Matthew McConaughey is amazing in this movie. Sure there is penis shot or two, but you also get a boob shots as well. So winners all around.

1) Looper, no other film left me more wanting me to rematch it more than Looper has in a long time.  Such an amazing original story. When so many movies seem to be reboots, or a sequels its great to see something original. The script is so  amazing I have even gone to read.  Great cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt, pulls off an amazing  job pretty much acting like hip version of Bruce Willis. Looper is very much the type of movie I would like to have made if I was in the film industry.

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