Making a “mix tape”

throwback fridays: the mixtape

throwback fridays: the mixtape (Photo credit: brandon king)

I feel I was lucky to be born in the time that I was. Born the early 80’s I was born in the time of mix tape. I got my first radio with a tape player when I was in 4th grade. Back then I would record songs off the oldies station and have my favorite songs to listen to when ever I wanted to hear them. I never gave it much thought in the order of the songs, along as they fit in the tape that’s all the matter to me.
I didn’t give much thought of making the good mix tape until I saw the movie High Fidelity. In that movie the main character describes his rules to make a good mix tape. This left a big impression on me. I got to thinking of all the albums that I like, and they all had a sort of rhythm to them. Something that would keep you wanted to listen to the whole album. At this point of my life MP3 were the big thing. Everyone my age had a big mp3 collection made of mainly of singles. Mainly of my friends would put there mix cd’s and we would share them around. I got to hear many of my friends and there mixes. Some were good, some were not. I started putting a lot of effort on my mixes, to the point that i have some rules on making one.

  • For me there is a difference between mix/playlist and a collection. A collection is something you can put on shuffle. A mix/playlist has a beginning and an end.
  •  A good mix has a theme, could be something simple like your favorite songs of the moment, best songs of a certain band, or songs to listen to when your sad, but a good mix has a theme.
  •  A good mix is like a concert you don’t start the mix with the show stopper. A mix should have a flow to it. I had friends put a funny audio clip on there mixes. While it showed some personality it ruined the flow.
  • For the longest time I felt a good mix was the length of the average cd. I come around to the idea of long mixes and short ones. As long as the theme gets thru the length does not matter.
  • in my opinion a mix can always be improved.

So it may seem like a lot of rules for something as silly as making a mix of best disco songs, but as I feel even if it’s something silly, there is no reason to make it mix you can be proud of.

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