Alabama Shakes – Boys and Girls

Every year a new band comes out and gets hailed as the next big thing. One of those bands this year are the Alabama Shakes. Originally called just The Shakes until they found out there is another band with that name. They added the name of the state they were from, and the rest is music history.
It will come to no surprise that the Alabama Shakes have a southern rock sound to them. Slow, down tempo blues sound with a singer that sounds like the late great Janis Joplin. The first single of the album Hold On is a strong rowing song. The Alabama Shakes have a sound that is so full of energy, fresh, but yet sounding so familiar, like something you have heard before, that it’s hard not to fall for it.
While the sound of the band is great this is an album review and as a whole the album does get dull. It’s only so much a fresh sound can carry an album. After a while the songs in the album start sounding like each other. Even more so near the end of the album where the songs start to get much slower. I can see the charm of the songs sounding a like., but for me it can wear out its welcome fast. Boys and Girls is an album to checkout especially if you like classic rock, or blues rock. I can see it come out in many end of the years best of list.
3 stars out of 5 

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