Year in Review: Worst movies of 2013

A Night at the Movies (film)

A Night at the Movies (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year I have seen the majority worst reviewed movies of the year. I have grown to enjoy watching bad movies for the many reasons. The bad acting, the horrible graphics, and the paper-thin plots that you don’t need to follow to closely.  If you ask me what is a bad movie for me I would say  if I ever get bored, and I  want to stop watching. Each of my top ten movies I wanted to stop watching. Some had really bad acting, other had no plot, and others were so boring I lost interest.

10.After Earth – The story is actually interesting. The flaw to this movie is the acting. Will smith is rarely seen, and when he is on-screen he plays the least charismatic character. Jaden has a weird accents that comes and goes though the movie.

9. Hangover III– This year one tread I noticed was movies that did not have to be made. It’s not a fan service film, it’s not even funny. Unlike the other movies in the hangover series that one whats to be more an action flix, and less a comedy and fell out of touch of the other films

8. 21 & Over-  Teen movies area really hit or miss. This film is full of misses. The biggest problem is that 3 main leads are so unlikable. It’s hard for me to stick with a film when I don’t even the leads.

7.  Oz The Great and Powerful- Another film that did not a have to be made. Its  pretty much a retelling of the story of the  wizard of oz but instead of Dorothy you get the wizard.

6.  The Host- Another movie that were the acting really made the movie boring. it’s a not a long movie, but because of how boring it is it felt twice as long.

5. Escape From Planet Earth – Children deserve a better film that this. Fulled with pop culture references that felt dated and plot that has been told many times before, there is no need to torture your kids to watch this.

4.  Beautiful Creatures-  I became so bored while watching it beautiful creatures I actually stop it. Perhaps the ending is great, I would not know because the first hour was the just torture to watch.

3. A Haunted House– it made me laugh a few times. but the story is so dumb I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

2. Movie 43 – I heard that Movie 43 was so horrible that it would never see the day of light. I can honestly say it so bad it should have not have seen the light of day this movie.  Its one gross out joke after another. it’s almost like each sketch is trying to out do the last sketch.

1. Scary Movie 5 – The reason why I give scary movie 5 the #1 position is because I didn’t laugh once. It tries to hard to be funny in doing so not funny one bit.


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