Gotye – Making Mirrors

Having come out last year in many places around the world. Gotye’s Making Mirrors had much hype around its U.S. release.
The first song I heard from the album was the first U.S. single “Somebody That I Used To Know”. Having known Gotye for only that one song I felt the rest of the album would be the same. It was a great surprise to hear that was not the cause. Making Mirrors is an album that could have been released years earlier and not feel out-of-place. Elements of 70’s soft rock,80’s new wave, mid 90’s alternative rock can be heard through the album. It’s experimental pop at its best. Each song has its own feel, style and sound which allows for the songs to stand out, sound fresh, and in a way be appealing for a wide audience. With so many styles I feel everyone can find a song they will like in this album. What holds the album together the clear division of an, A-Side and a B-Side. The A-side has a lighter, happier sound. The B-side is the slower darker end of the album. This divide works great to unite the, the otherwise random, songs in a type of order.

Best tracks; Easy Way Out, Somebody I Used To Know, Smoke And Mirrors, I feel Better, Bronte.

5 Stars our of 5 

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