Most Anticipated Albums 2012

Springsteen performing on the Tunnel of Love E...

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Some of these albums have been announced and some have not, and some are just wishful thinking. .

  • Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror. I heard the first single and its completely nuts. Hope the rest of the albums is just as good.
  • Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded. I hope for more cursing.
  • Bruce Springsteen – Untitled. I think he has announced an album for the end of the year. I loved his last album, which was the first Springsteen album I heard.
  •  Garbage – Untitled. I cannot confirm this will happen but I would like to hear just for the curiosity if it will be new sound for Garbage or same thing they took out in the late 90’s.
  •  Phoenix– Untitled. I been hearing that Phoenix is working on a new album. I still hear their last album. More Phoenix is always welcomed.
  •  The killers – Untitled. If they do take out a new album I hope it sounds more the Hot Fuss, and not like Day & Age.
  • The XX – Untitled. I heard that they are either recording or already finished recording. can’t wait to hear it.
  •  U2– Songs of Ascent. While the title of the album is out, I really cant say this may come out this year or ever. Rumor is U2 worked with Danger Mouse on this album. U2 is well-known as a band that does not work well with producers that they are not used to. Danger mouse is one of my favorite producers, I would love to hear what he does with U2.
  • The Shins – Port of Morrow. I was surprised with the first single just a few weeks ago. That single is amazing, find it hear it.
  • Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself. Love Andrew Bird, More of him is always welcomed.
  • Modest Mouse – Untitled. Last April rumor was that they are working on an album. I hope this turn out to be true.
  • New Order – Untitled. They got back together recently I hope this results in a new album,
  •  Depeche Mode – Untitled. Rumor is they will start working on a new albums this year. I hope it come out this year.
  •  The Smiths – Untitled. I know it’s not going to happen, ever. But one can wish.

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