So this happened on SNL

Saturday Night Live (season 36)

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If any of you caught SNL last saturday (1/14/12) you may have seen to the music guest Lana Del Rey. Some of you may know whom she is, if you don’t feel band. Lana Del Rey has only officially released a  two song EP. None the less, she has some buzz behind her on the internet. If you look her up on YouTube you can find seven songs by her.
I did not see her SNL performance, and I would have not known of it if,  not all the bashing I read online the next day. I had to find a video of it to see for myself. Having heard her 2 song EP last October and now seeing her sing them “live” I have to say I could not see or hear the difference, they were both boring. I really am not trying to be mean-spirited. I see some potential in Lana, I  just don’t think she is yet ready for prime time. I find her singing style to be like a stern librarian telling you not to run in the library set to a beat. While interesting, it is not something I enjoy, or would recommend to anyone. Saying that I don’t understand her internet fame or hype. Perhaps it is the wanting to like something before anyone else, or falling for a nice looking package. I can see people telling me I just don’t understand it, but not give a good reason it is good. I really would like to understand where the appeal is, because I cannot find it.

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