Worst Films 2011

Your Highness

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As mentioned before, I really do think I have seen more of the worse in movies that 2011 had to offer than the good. So coming up with this years list of the worse films of the year was very easy. So easy that My list started with 7 movies and then I cut it down to 5. Some spoilers may be mentioned.

5. The Roommate. This movie could have been a Lifetime movie and it would have been a good one if it was. Since it wasn’t, it had this made for tv movie feel to it. A very pretty cast, but none of them were believable.

4. Just Go with It. When you start the movie you already know what is going to happen. Adam Sandler’s character and Jennifer Aniston’s character are going to end up falling in love.  So the movie is very predictable. Not only that I found the characters very unlikable.

3. I Am Number 4. I watch about 45 minutes of this movie, and I have no idea what it is about. What I got In that time was it’s about an alien that looks like a 15 yr old. Some other aliens are chancing him and his bodyguard, and this aliens don’t look to human. So the teenage alien for some reason want to go to high school. I bet it sounds stupid, and that’s because it is.

2. Season Of the Witch, There is NO witch in season of the witch. I know it’s a small thing to complain about, it just bugged me. Perhaps the writer thought calling this movie season on the witch and have no witch but instead a demon was a  good twist. Well, it wasn’t. It just made it a hard to follow the movie.

1. Your Highness, There is nothing worse for a movie for me than one that makes me want to stop the movie and makes me want to watch something else. I saw about 15 minutes of Your Highness, and then stopped. It’s not funny well at least not funny in those first 15 minutes. I could not tell you what the plot is about, I got so bored watching it, that I just didn’t care.



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