Week One

Moleskine Travel Kit

First full week of the year, and I have done my usual first of the year routine. Started exercising (again), started my yearly major clean, and I got my weekly planner and started writing.

It’s been three years I started keeping a planner. My first planner was a  pocket-size Leuchtturm 1917 Weekly planner. Style wise it looks a lot like a Moleskine. Black hard cover, ribbon to hold your place, and a band on the outside to keep it close. It was a highly detailed planner that appointments could be written by hour, many spaces to take random notes. by far It has been my favorite planner I had so far. Last year I was hopping to get the same type of planner, but unfortunately Leughtturn planners were not sent to your USA last year even though they were high in demand. I got a normal weekly planner but I was not happy with it. My largest dislike had to do with the size of it. It was to big to carry with me in a daily basis. This had me trying to remember important dates till the end of the day so I could write them down on my planner. This year I made an effort to get a planner that I wanted, and would use all year-long. I got myself a Moleskine pocket Planner. I used Moleskine Journals the past And I find them very nice looking, about also nicely made.  It reminds me a lot of the Leuchtturn just not as highly detailed. I don’t mind missing the detail, i just need to remember to use it year-long.

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