Year in Movies 2011

This 16 mm spring-wound Bolex "H16" ...

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I started last year with the very ambitious idea of trying to watch all the movies that came out last year. Of course I failed miserably. Be it because of time, money, or just lack of interest, I just could not watch all those movies. I did good with the first half of the year, which I can tell you they were not more misses than hits. Coming to the second half of the year, up until the December releases, They were just not enough movies that I wanted to see. That lead to me having a lot of trouble making  my top 5 favorite films of the year. I have not gone to the movie theater since early November, and since then many movies that I feel are the cream of the crop have come out. So I really don’t feel my list is a good view of this year in cinema. Keeping that in mind Here is my Top 5 Movies of the year.

1. Attack The Block

2.Midnight in Paris

3.Harry Potter and the deathly hollow part 2

4.Crazy Stupid Love

5.X-Men first class


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