Year in Review 2011; Dubstep.

This is the year Dubstep exploded. Dupstep is a sub-genre electronic dance. It’s mostly known for its drop slow bass sounds. First time I heard it I didn’t get it, I guess that is the first sign of getting old huh. All year-long I tried to listen to main artist of dubstep, and the endless remixes releases. I’m still not  a fan, at least I can hear something and  tell if its dubstep or not. In my opinion dupstep has minimal appeal. I feel its electronic music for people who want something a little bit heavier. Everyone from Rihanna to Korn has taken out a dupstep album. Even Skrillex (dubstep artist) was nominated for a Grammy for best new artist. Well I have no problem with dubstep, I just wish next year the hype of dies off.

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