Year in Review; Disappointing Album Part 2

If Not Now, When – Incubus. Before this album came out, I honestly thought that we have heard the last of Incubus. I was fine with the idea. The last two Incubus albums before this one (Light Grenade and A Crow Left of the Murder) have to be my favorites out of their career. I love Incubus when they are heavy, and those last two albums were them heavy at their best. If Not Now, When is a good album, but just very slow.  The only fast pace song is the first single Adolescence which gave me hope for this album. As I listen to it the first day it came out the only other heavy  and fast song is switchblade which is a complete mess of a song. Like I said before the album is not bad. It is mostly loaded with really slow ballad songs, and none of the faster songs that made the last two albums great. I cannot enjoy it knowing her have done better.

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