Year In Review 2011; Disappointing Album

Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tour in ...

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Born This WayLady Gaga. Before this album was release early this year, I was very much looking forward to this it. The marketing campaign was in high force. Very few albums had as much coverage as Born This Way did. I did have my hesitations. I did find The first single, Born This Way, to be a Madonna knock-off. I Also felt the album cover to be an odd choice. Even so, I still felt the album could have some great singles. It turn out The first single was the best song in the album. I can see this album to be many people’s favorite Lady Gaga album. It is her most experimental album to date, and it is the album were she has the most to say. Which is not a bad thing at all. I do find the song writing to be great, and they are moments when I hear this album that I find myself loving it. To bad that these moment do not last the whole song. Many of the songs start out very weak, to have amazing chorus, and still go all around the place before the song ends. Each song experiments with a different sound, which for the most art works. When it does not work, it sticks out, and really throws off the song. I keep wanting something more focus in every song. I hear so many great parts, but also many parts that just should not be and it is because of this its one of my disappointing albums of the year.

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