I Really Have Tried.

I been wanting to do album reviews all year-long. Here we are in November and I have only posted 3 . I tried many times to write full albums reviews. I even had, at one point, up to 10 drafts of album reviews half written. I keep running into so many problems while writing these reviews that I never tried to finish them. My biggest problem  was time.  To sit down and listen to a whole album multiple times in a timely matter was almost impossible for me to do.

I don’t want to give up on the idea of writing albums reviews. I listen to a lot more new music then I see movies. Yet some how I write more about movies than i do about music. I came to the realize I have to give myself some slack. Just like my movie reviews are not written in any timely matter. My music reviews will also not be in a timely matter. Since, I wont be having album reviews in a weekly basis. I will try to have at least a weekly song or even album recommendation. The songs I write about will most likely will be newer songs, while the albums may be just albums I like that my be 40 years old, It will all depend how I feel that week.

I hope clearing that out, and giving myself more freedom I actually do what I want to do. I will try to leave Mondays for movie reviews, and Wednesday for music items. Now to see how long I can keep it up.

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