Crazy Stupid Love

Secrets of Love 01

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There are many ways you can make a movie about love. The most common way love is portrayed in movies is the early stages of love when everything is fine, and you would do anything for that person. Another popular portrayal is the rediscovery of what you have and why you love that person.  These two are the most popular ways I see love in movies. It could be because these versions of love are the ones most people like. But there is more to Love than those two stages. Crazy, Stupid, Love shows other stages of love that we don’t see much in movies.

This movie stars Steve Carrel as  down and out Cal. Whom learns after 25 years of marriage  his wife, played my Juliane More, want a divorce and has sleep with some one else. Cal in a drunkfest meets play boy Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who pity’s Cal and tries to reform him as a version on himself. I am not going to give out more information about the film. They are many twist in the movie and I don’t feel comfortable giving out any information that is not in the trailer. This is one of those movies that knowing too much may just ruin the movie.

In the awkward moments where I grew to really enjoy this movie. This movie feel really honest to me. There are moments where its hard to watch, and you just want it to stop, but it doesn’t. With out a doubt one of the great ending I have seen in a long time.  I maybe giving this movie a higher score because it seems to be talking to me, but I also see that as a good defence as any to give it a good score.

4 stars out of 5

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