Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Productions

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Sucker Punch, from the director Zack Snyder, (300, Watchmen) is as visually interesting has his other films. Zack has a great niche to make movies that look great. Sucker Punch has a very glossy look, with great slow motion, and over the top graphics. Sucker punch, I feel, is one of this best eye candy movies to date. Even in scenes where its dirty and grimy, the movie still looks great.
Once you get over the eye candy you are left with story that makes no sense. This is Zack Snyders first try in writing a movie. It shows that he favored the visuals over the story. This is not a deep movie by any means, but some how the movie’s plot gets muddled with all the things going on-screen that the story is hard to follow. Which is shame because this is not a deep movie by any means, it’s just told so poorly that all one remembers at the end of the movies hos graphics.
1 star out 5 

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