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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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I seen many movies since my last review. So many, that to make a full review for all of them would take me a long time, and to be honest I cannot remember much of some of them to give them a full review. So, here are quick reviews to what I seen.

Adjustment Bureau,  4 out of 5. I close 5 out of 5. Complex story, great acting. Not a movie for everyone. If you like a movie with a twist, and with more story than special effects, then check it out.

Bad Teacher, 2 out of 5. Not as funny as the trailers made it seem. One of those movies that the best bits are in the trailer. Avoid it.

Bridesmaids,  3 out of 5. The better of the R comedy’s that I seen this year-so far. Some parts run a little to long, but still I highly recommend to all that like a raunchy comedy.

The Dilemma,  2 stars out of 5. A close 1 star out of 5.  The only person in this movie that actually seems excited to be in it is Queen Latifa.

Harry Potter The deathly Hollows Part 2,  4 out of 5.  A great ending to the Harry Potter Films,  a must watch for all potterheads. Very close to being my favorite Harry Potter Movie.

Kung Fu Panda 2 3 out of 5. Cute, it’s just more Kung fu Panda. If you liked the first and want more of it, then go watch it.

Limitless,  4 out of 5.  I have a thing for movies that don’t try to hard to be something it’s not. Limitless is a movie you can watch on a sunday afternoon, and enjoy. No heavy plot, but enjoyable.

Mechanic,  2 out of 5. First off, this movie is NOT about a mechanic, minus one star. It has minimal driving, minus another star, It’s just like the transporter just boring, minus another star. nuff said.

Midnight in Paris 5 out 5. Me giving it a 5 out of 5, I feel speaks more about me than the movie. Its one of the few movies that while seeing it I felt was made for me. It slow pace, great story telling. I recommend to all of you that romance about the pass.

Prada To Nada,  2 out of 5. Very harmless film. Something you can watch with the whole family and have a laugh. It is all to predictable, and for me the grand reveal of the nerdy sister to a hottie was a huge let down.

Soul Suffer,  3 out of 5. A very close 2 out 5. Yes, there are Christian overtones to the movie, but nothing to make it a “christian” movie in my point of view. I also have to admit it at the end I was cheering her on, and the shark part was kinda cool

Water for elephants,  3 out of 5. A lot better than I thought it was going to be. A close 4 out of 5. If you want to see it I don’t see why you should not.

X-Men: First Class 4 out of 5. Great style, great tie in to the previous x-men movies. One of my favorite comic book movie of the year so far.

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