My First Kindle 2010-2011

My Kindle, may you life a fine life as a re-furb.

Today marks the death of my kindle. Since receiving it back in Christmas 2010 it become one of my favorite electronic devises that I own. So seeing it in half functioning state did make me sad. I looked online if there was a simple solution to fixing this problem and could not find any. I ended up calling Amazon to see what could be done. I was very surprise how fast a was able to talk to a service rep on a national holiday. Without hesitation the rep said they are sending me a new Kindle in two days. I was sad to see my Kindle is its broken state, but it is nice that Amazon is sending me a new one. I hope the new one last me a bit longer than 6 months. I’m already planning on getting the extended warranty, just incase something else happens.

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