Hall Pass

The Ferrelly brothers over the years have made a name for themselves making funny raunchy comedies. Their latest movie Hall Pass has all the trademarks that are associated with the Ferrelly Bothers, but falls short in being one of their good movies.

The idea in Hall Pass is simple Rick (played by Owen Wilson) is given a week off from his marriage after a making a scene at a friend’s house. Ricks friend Fred(played by Jason Sudeikis) is also given a hall pass. You follow then for the week, while they learn their lesson, and become better people.

I enjoyed Hall Pass to a point. It just ran a little to long for my liking, and I felt the end was rushed.They were not enough funny parts to keep me laughing, and it was not heart-felt enough for me to really care about the characters. Perhaps I’m being just picky, since I do compare this movie to other Ferrelly brothers movies, and I did laugh a good amount. Just because I did have high expectations im giving this movie 2 stars instead of 3. If you are looking for a raunchy comedy, then Hall Pass may be a good rental.

2 stars out of 5

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