And so I get sick.

Acute bronchitis

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This weekend I came down with bronchitis, and it being me, I came down with it in grand fashion. I felt I was getting sick on Friday evening. I had a discomfort in my throat, but nothing to bad. On Saturday I woke up barely being able to talk. I tried to rest, but was waken up  not being able to breathe. My throat had tighten up, and took me a while to be able to breathe normally. After that scare I went to a clinic. At the clinic I was just told I had an infection and has given a shot. As I went to get my meds at Wal-mart, my possible mistake, I started feeling horrible.  I was feeling dizzy, and began to sweat a lot. Back home, It was just getting worse, where I was in constant pain. It got to point that I was just getting worse than better, so I was taken to the hospital. I waited in the waiting room for about 4 hours feeling cold, while everyone was telling me that its was just me that was cold. After being there for 9 hours I was diagnos with bronchitis, and allergy.

In the southwest region they have been many wild fires, and the smoke of them has been lingering in this city for almost two weeks. I have a feeling that was one of mean causes. This is not the first time I gotten bronchitis, and ,thankfully, it is not the worst case I gotten. I’m happy I got it checked on early on, I’m doing a lot better.

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