Just Go With It

Brooklyn Decker in June 2009.

Image via Wikipedia

Every year it seems Adam Sandler has yet another comedy. Where he plays pretty much the same character he has been playing for the last five years. This year that movie is Just Go With It.

Adam Sandler plays Danny a plastic surgeon. Jennifer Aniston as Katherine his assistant. Brooklyn Decker plays The woman Danny is trying to get with. Nick Swardson as Danny’s cousin, and two annoying kids as Katherine’s kids round out the cast.

Danny finds out his wife to be has been unfaithful the night before the wedding. He goes to a bar and while in his sadness a beautiful lady sit next to him. Since, he has a wedding band on she thinks he is married and starts a conversation. He tells him his sad story and in pity she sleeps with him. Danny makes it a career of sort of doing this for many years. Fast forward to the present. Danny meets a woman he feels maybe the one, but because of the weeding band she thinks he is married. Katherine gets reeled in to this scheme so Danny can be with another women. This get out of hand and Danny, Katherine and family, Danny’s girlfriend and lets not forget Danny’s cousin go to Hawaii.

Just Go With it has a sleazy feel to it. I find Adam Sandler’s character very unlikable. I can’t say anything better about Katherine,whom drags her children to this scheme.  They are some funny sence, and I wont lie I did laugh a good amount. The jokes are your usual Adam Sadler jokes of guy getting hit in the balls, vomit, and ya a guy grabs a coconut with his ass. Unless you’re a Jennifer Aniston fan, you can skip this movie.

2 stars out of 5

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