Do I need a MP3 player?

Image representing Rdio as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Just the other day I notice that I miss placed my iPod shuffle. In previous years I would be, right away, trying to replace it, but this is the first time that I feel I may not need one. At least not right away. Earlier this year Amazon released their cloud  system. Also, around the beginning of the year I started a subscription with Rdio. Both of these services work almost the same. They give me access to music in any device. For example, any computer that has internet access, and any smartphone with the app. The big differences within these two services is with Amazon I have access to whatever I buy from them, and if I store it in their system. With Rdio I have access to their huge music collection. Which in general has everything you want, and has most new releases on the day they are released. For the most part these services work great on my phone. I used them at the gym, work, and I had very little trouble connecting to them. I also recently was invited to use the beta version of googles music cloud service. In this one, they alow me to upload my whole current music at no cost, and I can stream it on my phone or any computer. With so many streaming serves in hand I find it hard to justify buying a new MP3 player. Of course they are advantages to a standalone MP3 player. Since I mainly use it when I work out It is nice to have player that makes it easy to switch from song to song, which is not easy on the phone. There is also the whole draining the phone’s battery just to listen to music. and of course the connectivity, if I can’t connect to these services I have no music, and that has already happen a few times. So right now I don’t know if I’m going to get a new MP3 player or not. I’m leaning more to get one, just because I really don’t like draining my phone battery just I listen to some music. Also, some times my phone cannot register what I am pressing, which is a real drag when your trying to jog.

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