No Strings Attached

Going in this movie you already know how it is going to end. You know that the main characters that are in it for a booty call with “no strings attached” are going to fall in love and stay together. No big surprise

Asthon Kusher plays Adam a 30some, whom is working in the film industry. Natalie Portman plays Emma a young doctor. Adam and Emma have met before in summer camp as kids, then they meet again in college, then again post college. Like I said no surprises.  The rest of the cast is very forgettable, for the exception of Kevin Kline as Adam’s dad. Kevin Kline has some of the best lines scenes. But even then nothing to special

Emma is the one with the problem with relationships, she says many times in the movie how she finds them fake. The problem is you never know why she things this way. Natalie Portman plays Emma very dry and almost unlikable. Which is a shame because I feel its her performance that really brings the movie down. Asthon Kutcher plays Adam very well. His very Likable, and in many ways is the driving force in this movie. Even then Asthon’s likability could not save this film.

In the end this movie is not romantic enough to be called a romantic movie. It’s also not funny enough to be a comedy. The chemistry between Asthon and Nathalie is just not there. It’s hard to invest in a romantic movie when you don’t wish these two people to end up together at the end. They are very few reasons to see this movie. They are many better romantic comedy out there. This movie is a skip. 2 stars out of 5 

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