In The Month of May

I have not forgotten about my blog. May is usually a very busy time for me. I help out my family as much as I can in our little business that we have, and I still have my other job. With my family,  May is, if not as,  one of the most important month to us for sales. May, for us, is right up there with December in sales.  So, I’m keeping myself very busy.

Things to look forward to in my blog are; I have movies reviews to write, and music albums reviews as well. I’m thinking of writing a small post every Tuesday of the new music out that week. Still not sure if I have to time to do that, but I would like to try. I just started a new quest for myself, it’s my fitness quest 2011. I’m trying to get back to shape, so you may see some post about that here and there.  I hope to be back to my normal writing schedule soon.  I’m going to be going out-of-town the first weekend of June, I’m hoping when I return to get back to writing.

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