Green Hornet

Kato (The Green Hornet)

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The Green Hornet is a hero movie that tries to be different from the many hero movies you may have seen. Unlike other movies, the heroes in this movie don’t know how to be heroes. I am not familiar with The Green Hornet, other than Bruce Lee was Kato in the TV series. So, im not sure if this is cannon with the show.  I find this very refreshing, but other ideas they have for the movie are not so great.

The movie is about 90 minutes, and in that time span it try to add as much as they can, and do as much as they can. I have no problem with a movie that tries to add a lot of content as it can. What is disappointing with that is when they do it half-assed. The love interest is seems to be done just because all movies have a love interest . The movie tries to build up the villain as some one to fear is interesting at first. Near  the end it is more of a joke,and the villan becomes a laughable character.

In general I think  the cast is good. The only miss cast I fell is Seth Rogen which is a huge shame because he is the lead. Seth plays a great douche millionaire, but he does not play a great super hero.The problem is the redeeming point for Seth Rogen’s character never happens. At the end  I feel he is not  a better person then he used to be. Jay Chou as Kato is great. I actually want to see Chou in more American movie. Lastly, Cameron Diaz feels to be a bit out of her prime to be the love interest in the movie.

It’s a good movie, but it is full of misses. I think it’s an enjoyable rental if you are looking for an action flix. In honestly its enjoyable enough for you to look over the bad parts. 3 stars out of 5

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