The Strokes ~ Angles

One of the albums I was looking forward to this year was Angles by the Strokes. After hearing it for a while now, for me, it’s not the great return of The Strokes that I was hoping. The problem is both the expectation that we have made for it, and the lack of direction.

If you are able to take out your own expectation of the album out, as a whole It’s a weak album.The first three songs set a tone to the album which after wards are not followed. It makes for an album that you are constantly skipping songs to get to the ones you like.

When it comes to singles, most of the songs lack the energy that we came to expect from The Strokes. The first three songs in the albums are the strongest songs in the album. Even then I don’t feel they hold up to rest of the Strokes catalog. If you ask me you could have cut five songs out of the album hand had a good LP.

If it was not for the songs Machu Picchu, and Two Kinds of Happiness, I would have given this album one less star. 3 stars out of 5

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