Happy “hour” April 15 2011


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For the third week of April a thing that bring me joy also makes me a little sad. I am one of the many that love there flip camera. I have 2 of them one of the original ones that is battery-powered and the newer HD version.I find it so convenient to have a camera that fits in my pockets that is easy to use, and takes great quality video. It’s great for concerts, vacations, and holidays. What makes me sad is that Cisco announced this week that they will discontinue the flip brand of cameras. They are many reasons toss around why they are stopping making these wonderful cameras. The most popular one is that most people are using their cell phones for cameras, and the modern word is not much need for a single use device. It’s sad to see a wonderful product go away, but the my flip cameras are still going to give me some joy for some time.

One comment

  1. Jackie · April 15, 2011

    My new mattress and pillow are making me happy. Yay the cloud!!

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