Battle: Lost Angeles

In many ways Battle:LA is a movie we have already seen. Think of Independence Day but done in a more serious tone. Also think if that movie then does every cliché known to action movies. I cannot forget to mention a cast that is mostly forgettable, and there my friend you have Battle:LA.

As I said, The movie has many flaws. Personally the biggest flaw in Battle:LA is that it hits every cliché you can think of. Lets do the list

  • A captain days away from retirement, check
  • Endless amount of bullets, check
  • A solder dealing with passing of a family member, check
  • Some how meeting people who have experience in just the thing you need to do, check

I think you get the point. If you can put that aside, you now have to face the special effects. The aliens look like a mix of the aliens in Independence Day and robots. The space ships remind me of the ones in District 9. The movie also has an awful shaky cam, almost, during the whole film. To make it worse the city does not look like LA. LA is city full of building, here the city seem more urban, and so dusty, I never believed it was LA.

Lucky, Battle LA as a huge saving grace to it, its’ action. The action is top-notch. From almost beginning to end the movie takes you on this ride of everyday marines versus the aliens. In that ride you see marines fall, win some battles and lose others. You see the hope of these characters get dimmer and dimmer. The movie builds up the suspense in a great manner. You may not remember the names of the characters, but you do want to see them make it all the way to the end. At the end the movie delivers in making an entertaining action movie. Watch it for the fun of it, not for the science.  3 stars out of 5

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