Death of Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network logo.

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Im a huge fan of animation. As I am I have been a fan of Cartton Network for many years. Cartton network has been the home of many of my favorite carttons series in the pass 15 years. Shows like Dekter, Kids Next Door, Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends, And Teen Titans to name a few. One thing that saddens me is to see the route Cartoon Network has been going lately.

Resently I notice that Cartoon Network has non cartoon shows. Most of these shows are kids game shows, so that is not to bad. I also notice they air non cartoon movies. This I have more of a problem with, since many of these movies are not even kid movies. Like I seen them air dumb and dumber, I really dont think that should be on Cartoon Network. But my biggest complain has to be Adult Swim.

At firs I liked Adulkt swim. It first started as a small block on sundays with shows like Spoace ghost coast to coast, and the Barak Show. The first line of shows we just silly, and mindless, and enjoyable. Before I know it, Adult swim became a nbightly thing that would air late at night. Aqua Teen hunger Force has a huge thing, and at that time even Teen hunger movie it felt I was watching something so under the radar. Soon I notice Adult swim was having strange shows, and becaming more a home to air animation from FOX, than what it was before. If you ask me Adult swim lost its edge when it first air Family Guy.  Anbd since the beging of this year, Adult swim has extended there hours to how being a nine Hour block program which for me being Mountain time it starts at 7 pm.  I think having adult swim at seven is way to early. Pretty much kids whom are many that are still awake are to young to see what Adult Swim shows. For me having FOX reruns at prime time everyday is not something im looking forward to.

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