Take Me Home Tonight

Take Me Home Tonight is a 80’s genre movie. It stars Topher Grace, in a one night great hurrah type movie. If you have seen Dazed and Confused, you know what I am taking about. The movie is cute, and I did have fun seeing it. The shame of this movie is that does not use the setting, of it being set 80’s, to its fullest. Movies Like The Wedding Singer, and Hot Tub Time Machine embrace the 80’s to the point that you see those movies to see what other reference’s they make. In Take Me Home Tonight the 80’s humor is very tame. It is more like they set the movie in the 80’s to have the soundtrack. Even with all the bad, it is hard for me to give this movie a bad review. It’s a cute harmless movie.It is worth the rental, and you won’t go wrong in seeing it. 3 stars out or 5

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