Happy “Hour” April 8 2011

App Store

Image via Wikipedia, not Amazon app store but you get the point.


I’m going to try something new this week. That I hope I can keep doing from now on.  after hearing NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour. I heard them end the how with a segment where they mention what they are happy for this week. So I’m going to borrow their idea and have My own. What makes me happy this week.

For Second week of April 2011, What made me happy was Amazons App store. I used other app stores like the Apple app store, and the stock android app store. Amazon’s has few differences that puts its store on top for me. I love the ability to download the app when I want to. I can buy an app, keep on my file and download it when I want it. This is useful with the games I have. I don’t like them to use up to much of the memory on my phone, when I’m not going to use them. With Amazon I can delete them, and just reinstall them, and this is true even with paid apps. With other paid apps stores when I change phone, it was a hassle to get them back. With Amazon just log in, and all the apps you paid for are there.  My other reason it makes me happy, is they have a daily special of one free paid app. As some one that used many apps, being able to get a good paid app for free is a nice thing to have. So check it out if you have an Android phone.


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