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Mobile phone evolution

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I think I got my first cell phone in 2003. Since then I have changed phone number twice, been with two different phone companies, and had six different phones. Yesterday I got a brand new phone, not by choice. So I thought let’s go down memory lane of my personal phone history.

My first phone I got out of need, I got tired of people telling they could not get a hold of me. I did not want to get a phone with a  contract, and at that time prepaid phone had just started. I got a Virgin mobile phone. I loved the fact that I was spending $20 every three months. I believe my first cell phone was a Nokia. I cannot remember much about it now. it did not have a camera, and I do not think it had a color screen. I think I had this phone for a year. My second phone was a  Kyocera slider. It was one of the first sliders to come to the market, the screen would slide up to reveal the keypad which at the time was almost like a novelty. I loved that phone. It was able to download stuff, I had tetris on it. I thought it was supper high-tech, and I even had it for little over two years.

My Next phone was also my move to a contract. I sign my life away to T-mobile, and got a sidekick 3.  Looking back on it, I got it  in part out of per-pressure. At first I thought it was the cutting age that phone, but very soon I felt my high-tech phone was falling behind what everyone had. The Sidekick 3 was my first phone with a camera, but the quality was so bad I never used it. The apps you could get for it had to be made specifically for it, so they were not many. The thing it lacked that other people had, was a music player in the phone. At that time thin phones where in, and as some of you may know the sidekick was a notorious huge brick. After a while it felt like toy. My phone died after a year, The phone no longer flipped, and the buttons were falling off.

My next phone was a simple phone but was very reliable. I got it out of the need that my the side kick became unusable. It was the Samsung T239, it was one of the phone in T-mobiles line of prepaid phones. It could take pics, I could put music in it, and was comfortable size.  This was the second phone I loved. It was also my second slider. I had this phone for close to year

Then thanks to great gift I got a MyTouch. It was my first touch screen phone. I quickly feel in love with it. The apps always worked great on it. The pictures I took were good quality. My only complain was the audio jack was a mini usb that was used to charge the phone. So that meant I needed special adapter to use my headphones. So I quickly stop using the audio player. The main think I loved about the Mytouch is how I was very much connected. Since all my contacts and a lot of my info was going to Google, I was able to work on things on the go, and come home and continue where I was. About October I was noticing my phone was running a little slower than I liked. many messages were not going thru and who knows how many I wasn’t getting. I also notice downloading new apps was thanking a long time. So after a night where my many of messages were not going thru, my girlfriend had enough and got my the newest Mytouch the Mythouch 4G. I have not played with it much I had it less than 24 hours. So far I can say it is faster, and screen is larger, and it has a normal audio jack. So there is my phone time line so far, lets so how long I have this phone for.

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