Where’s my Kool-aid Points?

Kool-Aid Man

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I remember as a kid one of the joys I had afterschool was picking the flavor of Kool-aid I would drink that day, and then cutting out the Kool-aid point and adding them to my collection. I collected those points for years. I collected enough that I got to get some Kool-aid man figures, and even an official plastic Kool-aid pitcher and cups.

Well recently while at the grocery store I picked up some Kool-aid, and to my amazement they were no more Kool-aid points in the back of the package. I felt like a part of my childhood had died. I honestly wondered what ever happened to the kool-aid points? So, after a lil interwebs search I found the kool-aid point program ended in June 2010 , and there is no plans to restating it. You can call 800-367-9225 about any questions.

Its kinda sad to see kool-aid points go away. I feel it was a program that in our modern days of instant gratification that is very hard to exist. collecting things for a long period of times for a small reward is an activity of the pass. Most kids now a days find it more rewarding to get points for an online game or something they can txt, than to get a small craptacular prize to come to house in the mail. Even if Kool-aid Points where to modernize and be txt rewards like the coke points program, in my opinion it would still not be the same. So here is my fair well to a part of my childhood. Good Bye Kool-aid points your will be missed.


  1. pepperedginger · January 18, 2011

    You are exactly right. I remember Kool-Aid points, Cracker Jack toys, and prizes at the bottom of the cereal box. People collected S&H Green Stamps and Biz detergent gave out free kitchen towels and dish rags. Life was simplier and we appreciated gifts. Anticipation was greater but so was respect. I never thought I would be one to say that those were the good old days

  2. betty weckwert · November 24, 2011

    I sit here with over 300 points. I am not buying any more Kool-aid. My Grandchildern would always count on me for Kool-aid with their snackes. I too was raised on Kool-aid drinks. Oh well such is progress. It stinks.

    • myrajane24@hotmail.com · April 27, 2012

      Wouldn’t you know it….I just found 3000 + kool-aid points sitting in a box….darn!!!!!

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