A Funny Thing Happened Last Week

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I knew my computer was in bad shape. Last year I got a nasty virus and since then my PC has not been the same. I have tried many things to fix it, but all with no luck. So since that day my computer has been slowly dying. Last week it seem it had reach it end. I was not able to get online, and turning on almost any program cause my computer to freeze. I thought it was hopeless, and that I needed a new PC ASAP. Well after doing multiple virus scans and deleting many files I have my pc running, in a minimum state. Pretty much I can get online, but to run any program I have to launch the task manager.  So that explains why I did not keep up with my blog, and why I did not post the review i said i would. I hope to be back this week, and all the stuff from last week is just going to carry over to this one. Also, I am starting PC Quest 2011. I’m not sure if I’m going to either get a new pc, or try to build my own, but before the year ends I will have a new PC. So that means no contain for my blog. So here is to a better week than last one.


  1. ristinw · January 17, 2011

    why don’t you get a MAC! MAC is virus free >u<

    • chaos878 · January 17, 2011

      I”m looking into all types of PC’s even a Mac. The main drawback of a Mac for me is the price.

  2. oakley radar · May 25, 2013

    Hello everyone, it’s my first go to see at this site, and piece of writing is in fact fruitful for me, keep up posting these types of articles.

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