password shuffle

This morning I was woken up at six in the morning, with my phone alerting me that I had many unread emails.  Well it’s not odd for me to be waken up because I have emails early in the morning. What was odd was that my phone was showing a large number of unread email. So when I went to check my phone I notice that my emails were return to sender type emails. So “x” number of emails that I tried to send could not be sent because I was sending them to wrong places or what ever. I quickly thought to myself and remembered that i have not send any emails in the pass week. So when I checked to whom I sent the emails to I notice it was to places like twitter or Facebook. Things started to make a little sence then. I went to read the email and it was some add for electronics. So I then knew my email was hacked.

Well this is not the first time of my accounts get hacked. I had my MySpace, twitter, Facebook, and email hacked. it’s not pleasant, it’s just annoying because now you have to go around and change your passwords. Which is not all that much  fun.  You can argue I had this coming since I had the same password for many of different accounts across the interwebs. So this time I’m going to put different passwords for all my accounts out there. My first to change was my email, and now blog which was a pain to do. So have anyone else had hacked profile problems, of passwords trouble?

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