The jacket

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I believe it was last year that I started the quest to see every Keira Knightley movie. What can I say I have crush on that lady. Not all her movies are great, but lucky for me she has made few movies. Todays movie to take off my list is The Jacket

The Jacket ,a 2005 movie, staring Jason Brody is a Sci fi thriller. The story is a bit hard to explain. The meat of the story  is Jack is sent to a metal hospital. the reason why he is sent is hard to explain, so I’m not even going to try to explain. In the hospital he is put thru an extreme  experiment that gives him delusions(?) of going to the future.

It’s a weird story, and I found it hard to get into.  Part of the reason can be because I’m not much of a Sci-Fi Fan, but in reading other reviews I found that I was not the only one to find the story line hard to understand. The movie does a poor job of explaining mainly of the basic things going on. I don’t mind when movies don’t explain everything, and leave the audience make their own conclusion. I just feel there is a right way of doing it, as well a wrong way. Sadly this movie took the wrong way.  To top it off  Keira Knightley has an awful american accent. Well, she does show some boobie, but  she does that a lot in her movies. I have to give it to the jacket the ending of the movie is actually really good and almost makes up for the messed up story.

Even though I liked the end of the movie, the rest of it was hard to understand. and because of that I had a very hard time wanting to finish this movie. It’s hard for me to recommend this movie. Perhaps If you’re a Sci-fi fan you may enjoy it more than I did. 2 stars out of 5

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