the killers

Their is not much to say about this movie.

It is kinda sad that this movie is not good because the beginning is actually very entertaining. The first fifteen minutes are shot in Nice,France. You get to see the good assassin that Ashton Kutcher is, they is some nice short action scenes. In the Same, Katherine Heigl is charming. That all ends when the couple gets married and Ashton gets out of the assassin job. Years later a bounty is put on his head and apparently his whole neighborhood as full of assassins waiting to kill him, even the annoying neighbors were assassins.

It’s so dumb and sloppy story telling that I just lose interest, and it made worse by how polish those first fifteen minutes were. The last hour of the movie is shot in just three places the streets, an office, and a house. The likeness of the assassins sent to kill Ashton is really non-existent, and when things are explain it makes no real sense.

If it wasn’t that I really liked the beginning I would just given it one star, but since I did, and that beginning gives me hope on the movie, I give it two stars out of Five. 

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