It’s been a while since I written anything. This pass week I been busy with mainly work . Since I’m really trying to post something at least weekly, I’m doing this post to cover this week.

I’m falling behind my movie reviews. I already seen kick ass ( which I’m having a hard time writing a review longer than four sentences) The killers, and Zombieland ( both I have not started a review yet).  I still have more to go, I’m watching right now the Jacket, which I’m not enjoying too much I may return it before finishing it and not review it. well we will see how it goes.

I been working more hours than usual these past week. I been learning how to use a new engraver that can engrave just about anything. It’s a fun machine to work with. I still have a long way to go to master it. I also been working long hours in my other job, so late that I been getting weird massages left in my car. So whose Percilla and why stick it to my car with a bandage.

As you may notice I’m changing my blog around. I grew tired of the last theme i had. I’m looking for one that I wont get tired of so I wont feel I have to change it every month or so. Well I have work to get to, movies to watch and write some reviews. Till next week.

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