[note: I did see this movie at the move theater, second night it came out. I feel three weeks is enough waiting to be able to talk about it]

I’m going to tell you how I’m  going to confuse you, and you will be confused, and at the end you will like me for it. That is the best way I can describe you how I felt after watching Inception. I knew what I saw, I was even explained what I saw, but I was still not sure what it was what I saw.

I’ll try to explain Inception without giving too much away for those that have not seen the movie. Inception is about going in a dream of someone else. This is done to get information that can’t get done any other way.

I have to give credit where its due, Inception is a smart movie. It does many things to keep you wondering, and keep you interested.  it does not try to explain to you too much of whats is going on. It explains enough so you wont to confused, and lose interest.  Inception makes you keep up with it the film, and wont stop too much explain things. I really appreciated that. I never felt to overwhelmed by the film, and I felt kinda smart for being to keep up as much as I was able to.

visually inception is very impressive. It’s impressive that most graphics in the movie are not computer graphics, instead they are good old hollywood special effects. That type of craftsmanship really shows in this movie. It’s just impressive how good the movie looks. very much like movies like the Matrix, inception raised the bar in movies graphics.

The supporting cast is incredible if anything they steal the show. Joseph Gordon-Levitt for me has some of the best scenes in the movie. You have to see the scene with him in the hotel, I can try to explain it, but it would won’t do it justice. Tom Hardy had some of the best lines in the movie.. For me the moving force of Inception is the supporting cast not as much the main actor.

Inception is a great to watch. The acting is top-notch, the graphics are incredible. My problem with inception is after a first viewing I didn’t have that urge to want to see it again, and I know I’m in the minority on that feeling. While I do think inception is a must watch film in general, it’s just hard for me to give 5 stars to a movie I don’t have that urge to see again.

Four stars out of Five

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