To kindle or not to kindle.

When I first heard of the kindle over two years ago, I was not one of those that felt it was a must get item. Over the years I have warm up to it. I am now to the point that I really want one.  It seems a little silly at first, the whole idea of a e-reader device. All it really does is display your books on a screen. The differences between a e-reader an a book are few, and I feel a e-reader has many more cons than pro’s when compared to books. Even still, I think it would be nice to be able to carry the books what I am currently reading in a small thin device instead of a book. That conveniency is a huge plus. One thing that does stop me from reading as much as I would like is having to take a heavy book around with me. As a more tech savvy person A kindle seem like an answer to me. I do feel one day e-readers will be a popular way of reading, never taking over real books, but for many I can see it their prefer way of getting their books. I also feel that in the near future e-readers will not a stand alone products as they are today. Future e-readers I can imagine will be like the i-pad, a multi use product. Even with the idea in the back of my mind that it can easily become a worthless product, I still want one. And of course, the currents lower prices of the kindles helps a lot. I even already know which one I would get if I do get one. I would go for the wifi one. It is the cheaper of the 3, and the only draw back i s that it can only download books while in a wifi spot, which in my case it very easy to do. So I’m in that pickle to invest in a kindle or just wait it out for a tablet device to come out, much like the iPad, and then get a e reader with that. Whom knows perhaps when you read this i already have a kindle in my hands.


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