So some how I got myself sick right in the middle of summer. I always say they is nothing worse than being sick in the summer time. Not only are you hot because of the weather, but add-on top of that being hot because of a fever. Well it’s not to bad my illness.I think it’s just a simple throat infection should be out of my system in no time. Still I hate being sick in the summer.


The recent book I’m reading is Beatrice and Virgil. I just began reading it, right now I’m about 100 pages into in. The story is just beginning to picking up. I read Yann Martel previous book Life Of Pi, and I very much enjoyed it. So, when I saw this book I just picked it up because I liked his previous book. I may write more on this book, or perhaps this may be the last your hear about this book.who knows? Well,  I hope you all have a great weekend. Many movie reviews coming next week, I hope.

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