The evil dead

The first of the evil dead films, having already seen Army of Darkness I had some expectation of what this movie would be.

Evil dead is very low-budget  horror movie. Most of the scares come from jump scares, and great gross out moments. None of the demons (or are they zombies?) look real. They all look like puppets, or like a mask on a dummy. The acting is bad. Most of the people in this movie seem like they are just reading lines straight from the script. To top it off the idea of the whole movie is very ridiculous . With so many things against this movie,  there is something of this movie that still makes it very entertaining. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t try to be more than it is. Perhaps it’s the campy acting. No one does it better than Bruce Campbell hamming it up for the camera. It can be how over the top it is at times. When some one bleeds It’s like a water-hose of blood goes off. It’s an entertaining movie to watch with friends, and just to watch for how silly it is. It’s one of those movie that it’s so bad its great.

Four stars our of five ****

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