Date Night

I must first mention I was playing UNO while watching this movie so as you can imagine my full attention was not on the movie.

If you seen the previews for Date Night staring Steve Carell and Tina Fey you pretty much know what it’s about. A couple gets mistaken for some other couple and all hell breaks loose.

While the story is an original idea, well at least to me it is,  it is a one trick pony.  The joke that they are an ordinary couple get told a lot. They is a great car chase scene, and for me the best part of the film is the whole brothel scene. Other than that Date Night is a bit forgettable.  For Date Night having twi big comedy stars I can’t really remember to many of the funny parts of the movie. In all honestly for me the funniest part came from James Frannco and Mila Kunis.

Date night is not a bad movie, but also its far from being a great one. Worth the rental, if your interested in it. 3 Stars out of 5. ***

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