I love Yogoberry. When it first opened I was almost the first in line to try out what they have to offer. Today I went to get a bubble tea in mango flavor. It had great mango flavor. The one thing I debate with bubble tea are the tapioca  balls in the bottom. It’s weird having a drink with something in it. I grown to really like them, but I still don’t know what to do when I’m almost done, and all I have in the bottom are tapioca balls and no more drink. I usually just toss the drink away. Its kinda a shame but what can you do about it. I don’t want to eat the tapioca balls and get  myself thirsty all over again.

Even though I was really tired. I stayed up to see food networks new show 24 hour restaurant battle. I’m a food network fan. For me their competition shows are some of the best. I was hopping  that 24 hour restaurant would be like tops chef’s restaurant  wars episode. In a way it was, but also in others it was not. I have to blame a lot of my dislike to the editing on the show. The beginning of the show seem like those scene made to catch you up after a commercial add. This lasted at least 15 minutes, and after that i didn’t care about the show anymore. Another thing I did not like were the female judges. I did not like how they keep talking about the texture of food. I was expecting them to say how the food feels good in my mouth. It could be just me, but that a weird thing to talk about.Well It does have some good moments, but I don’t feel I will make this show one of my must watch.

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