The Curious Case of Benjamin Button *****

This movie confirms me as a David Fincher Fan. The story telling of the movie is great. David has a way of telling a story which even how odd the story is it still seems believable, or at least I would like them to be real.

The story is very simple it’s the telling of Benjamin buttons life, from birth to death. That is where simplicity ends. Benjamin was born old, and slowly grows younger. Benjamin meets many interesting people, and goes in many adventures. While that is enough to make this a weird sci-fi movie. Benjamin Button stays routed in some reality, and in the deep of it his movie is a love story. How love can be even under weird extreme circumstances.

Benjamin button is a likeable character ,its hard not to want to know what happens next. Going from his frist time in the brothel, to him having a family. I was always wanting to know what will happen next, and hoping everything turn out well.

cateCate Blanchett plays Daisy, Benjamin’s love. She plays that role great. Her character goes from a supporting role in the beginning to, in a way,  the main character.  The love she shows Benjamin in very touching from the first time they meet, to the very end. Even the scenes were the daughter is reading Benjamin’s diary are very touching. At the end I came out with a crush on Cate Blanchett.

Great Movie. The curious Case of Benjamin Button is a touching story. A must watch in my opinion. Five stars out of Five

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