Speak For Yourself by Imogen Heap

One thing I can not hide is that I listen to way to much music. Another thing I cannot hide is how much I like a deal,  so for me amazons MP3 is great place to get albums on a budget.

Amazon MP3 has many deals. They have daily deals on albums and one of my favorite deals they offer is every month they have a selected 100 albums  for $5 each. These albums can range from old classic to new albums. So I make it an effort to see which albums they have for $5

One of these albums for $5 all july is Imogen Heap’s Speak For Yourself. I first heard Speak For Yourself by Imogen Heap back in 2007. A good two years after it first came out. It was one of those albums that surprised me that I never heard of it because how good it is. its full of electronic beats, very mellow, very easy to lose yourself while listening it.  This is how I feel electro-pop should sound.  I would even go as far to say this is how pop music should sound. Smart lyrics great beats. It has a nice chill tone to it, and Imogen’s voice is so haunting that its easy to lose yourself while listening to it. This is an albums I enjoyed since I  first heard it, and hopefully it grows in you too.

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