And so I do reviews now

Well this week,  in a way, marks my return to my blog.  I started reviewing the films that I receive in Netflix. I’m hoping to do other things than just review movies, but I have no real plans of what to do, just ideas right now.

My blog reviews came about because netflix no longer is connected to facebook as it was. Before, I was able to rate a movie and then write a short review and it would come up on my facebook wall. Over time this feature slowly stop working. They were ways to keep it  going once it stop working. So for that while I was doing that. Every time this feature stop working on me a would look for a new fix. during these fixes, I keep reading how Netflix was not going to fix this program once it stop working, and no one seem to care. Well,  two weeks ago was the first week that no matter what I did I was not able to get it to work again. So after seeing Ghostbusters I just began to write. While I don’t feel my reviews is a final say on how good a movie is, I did enjoy doing it.

It’s a nice challenge to write these reviews. I’m not used to writing full on reviews,or for that matter I’m not used to writing that much at all.  So it’s nice to be able to get some practice in my writing skills and get to use my blog at the same time.  So you may notice I’m trying different things to make my reviews look nice as well.

I hope to those of you whom have read my past reviews  you have enjoyed them.I know i enjoyed writing them. They are much more on the way. I’m going to try to keep my views to mainly older movies that I get in netflix, maybe now and then I’ll review a new movie.

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