A Boy Named Charlie Brown ****

I grew up watching A Boy Named Charlie Brown. It used to be on all the time on basic TV. Every time I saw it was as nothing else mattered and I had to watch it again and again. Its been a while since I last saw this movie so a while ago I added it to my Netflix queue and it finally arrived.

This movie still holds up to my childhood memories. It’s still a very entertaining movie, and as an adult I appreciate the story more than as a kid. As a kid one does not realize how adult the peanut gag talk, and how they mention things that one faces as an adult.

The movie is about Charlie Brown entering in the school’s spelling bee, and going up to the national level. The movie has many gags from the comic strip. From the gag of Charlie trying to kick the football to Snoopy being a War  World II pilot Ace. Even Sally hitting on Linus. It’s all here, and its great seeing it instead of reading it, well that my opinion.

This movie was made in the late 60’s and you can tell. Some scene have weird trippy graphics which one can say is the charm of the film, for me it seems like just filler.  As a kid these parts were the only ones I did not like, and now i still feel the same. When Schroeder is plays his piano, or Snoopy is playing hockey. Those parts of the movie last forever and make are just weird.

Over all, A Boy Named Charlie Brown is a most watch. It’s an entertaining story, that can be enjoyed by children and adults. Even it seems a little dates some parts that can all be over looked, I give it Four Stars out of Five.

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